UN ServiceTrade Metadata:

Responsible agency: Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Methodological framework: BPM 5

Data sources:

EBOPS category


1. Transportation

Survey data

2. Travel 

Based on data obtained from tourism authorities.

3. Communications services

Survey data

4. Construction services

Survey data, data obtained from investment authorities

5. Insurance services

Survey data

6. Financial services

Survey data

7. Computer and information services

Survey data

8. Royalties and license fees

Survey data and administrative sources

9. Other business services

Survey data

10. Personal, cultural and recreational services


11. Government services n.i.e.

Survey data and administrative sources

UN ServiceTrade Metadata: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/servicetrade/mr/metaReporter.aspx?r=308

National Statistical database: Yes

National metadata:

National practices


Presentations at workshops


Tourism Statistics

Data and Metadata:

§ Tourism statistics: N/A

§ Metadata: N/A

Presentations at workshops

Other publications