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Responsible agency: National Statistics Office of Georgia http://www.geostat.ge/index.php?action=0&lang=eng

Methodological framework: EBOPS and BPM5

Data sources:

EBOPS category


1. Transportation

Besides the estimates mentioned above of the value of transport services connected with importing goods, the data are obtained from other sources. These are Georgian Railway Ltd, the ports and airports of Georgia. Besides, indirect estimates are carried out based on the Department of Borders Defense Information about transportation means.

2. Travel 

The data on travel are compiled on the basis of the regular household survey. Additional information about business travel was collected from government structures. For indirect estimation, information from Department of Borders Defense is used about the persons entering and leaving the country. Also, the expenses abroad of those engaged in export-import operations in goods are estimated, and the expenses of those working abroad during less than one year

3. Communications services

National Statistics Office of Georgia

4. Construction services

National Statistics Office of Georgia

5. Insurance services

Insurance Supervision Service.

6. Financial services

Commercial banks.

7. Computer and information services

National Statistics Office of Georgia

8. Royalties and license fees

National Statistics Office of Georgia

9. Other business services

National Statistics Office of Georgia

10. Personal, cultural and recreational services

National Statistics Office of Georgia

11. Government services n.i.e.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

UN ServiceTrade Metadata: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/servicetrade/mr/metaReporter.aspx?r=268

National Statistical database: National Bank of Georgia

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§ Tourism statistics: http://www.geostat.ge/index.php?action=search&lang=eng

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