Explanatory notes are metadata attached to the country-period-flow level. Comtrade SDMX also contains explanatory notes.

Query string parameters:
px (classification), r (reporter codes), y (years), lowT (start date), highT (end date), so (sort order), isOri (original flag).

Possible Parameter Values:
Available classifications (px): HS2002 (H2), HS1996 (H1), HS1988 (H0), SITC Rev.3 (S3), SITC Rev.2 (S2), SITC Rev.1 (S1), BEC (BE)
lowT and high T format is YYYY-MM-DD (ex. 2006-06-15). Time can be added using ‘T’ (2006-06-15T17:44:01)
Available sort orders (so): 1 (by Upload Time), 2 (by Upload time descending), 10 (by year), 11 (by year descending)
“Original Flag true” returns original reported classification only.

Get explanatory notes after 15 June 2006 17:44:01

Get explanatory notes (original classification only) after 15 June 2006 17:44:01

Get all available H2 explanatory notes of the year 2005 order by upload time descending