EBOPS: Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification

In 1996, OECD and Eurostat, in consultation with IMF, developed for use by their members a more detailed classification than that of BPM5 for international trade in services between residents and non-residents by breaking down a number of the BPM5 service items. The Extended Balance of Payments Services Classification of transactions between residents and non-residents (EBOPS 2002) recommended in the MSITS 2002 is a further extension of this Joint Classification of OECD and Eurostat.
EBOPS 2002 allows for the provision of information required in connection with GATS. Several memorandum items are introduced at the end of EBOPS to provide additional information on the transactions that are to be recorded. Some, such as the travel items, are alternative breakdowns. The full EBOPS classification is given in the MSITS 2002, table 2.