UN Comtrade standardizes country codes in ISO 3166.

For detailed information about Country Code in ISO 3166, please see attachments.

Other related questions:

Q: Regional prefixes for Guam, American Samoa, South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands

A: The prefixes are 72 016 and 72 316 for American Samoa and Guam, whereas 239 (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) has prefix 36. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands replaces British Antarctic Territories (previously coded as 36 080)

Regional prefixes are no longer maintained since migration from mainframe to a server database.

Q: United States Minor Outlying Islands (581)

A: United States Minor Outlying Islands (581) are made up of individual partner entities of US Miscellaneous Pacific Islands (849), Midway Island (488), and Wake Island (872).

Therefore, 581 = 849 + 488 + 872. US Minor Outlying Islands does not report as a statistical territory.

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