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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Legacy API v.1 is being replaced by API .v.2:  Even though the API v.1 is still in use, it's no longer being improved. 


Data Structure Definition of Global Trade SDMX (based on SDMX version 2.1) is available at

Please refer to the following articles for general information about Comtrade SDMX (based on SDMX version 1.0), Web Services (API ver.1) and Data Exchange:
UN Comtrade SDMX
Data Extraction Using Comtrade Web Service
Data Exchange Suite (DES)

You can get the SDMX format by clicking the SDMX download in any of query result pages (for an example at

The SDMX key families and simple power point presentation about Comtrade SDMX are attached to this article: UN Comtrade SDMX.

Web Services

Comtrade Web Services use IP authentication. A user must have premium access service account in UN Comtrade and Web Service access right is granted. Depending on access right, the following data can be obtained:

  • Comtrade data
  • Tariff line data
  • Total trade
  • Annual Totals
  • Processed data
  • Original data

Click here to check your access rights:


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