Commodity indexes for the standard international trade classification (SITC)

Question: We have a difficulty to locate a publication by the Dept. for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, Statistics Division at UN, and you might be able to help us. The title is, "Commodity indexes for the standard international trade classification." Our library has Revision 3 (1994), and we are looking for the Revision 4, but couldn't find it.

Answer: The SITC, Revision 3, classification was accompanied by two volumes on commodity indexes; one organized by commodity code and one organized according to the alphabetic list of commodity names. The production of these volumes was a very time-intensive task.

Starting 1995, countries have been requested to report their international trade statistics to UNSD according to the HS classification; and SITC became a derived, more analytical classification. The SITC, Rev.4, was created because the relation between the new HS classifications and the increasingly outdated SITC, Rev.3, became too arbitrary. However, there was no intention to go into any depth of producing corresponding commodity indexes for the SITC, Revision 4.

If users are interested in consultivo the content of certain commodities in more detail, they are referred directly to the Harmonized System classification, maintained by the World Customs Organization.