Annual Totals Table (ATT) for Imports and Exports

The Annual Totals Table (ATT) of the International Merchandise Trade Statistics Section (IMTSS) of the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) contains time series of annual trade data (2000-2008) for 221 countries (or areas) in user-friendly Excel format.

The totals of imports and exports provided by different sources are not necessarily identical. The ATT addresses the issue by identifying the data which is considered the most reliable. A systematic comparison of the figures mainly from two different sources, namely UN Comtrade Data and UN Total Trade, containing data from International Financial Statistics (IFS) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is available at the ATT. It presents values for import and export as the Annual Totals and shows the differences in trade data sources.

The ATT is produced at least once a year. It is a snapshot at a certain point in time, although the different data sources that provide input for the production of the ATT are updated continuously. The current third edition of the ATT has been produced with the information available as of 17 November 2009. The Annual Total dataset can be freely downloaded at:

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