Can we use other open-source datasets?

Yes, absolutely. Make sure to include the references of any datasets you will be using in your final submission.

Can we change team members before or during the Datathon?

Yes, you can. If a team member is not longer participating in a Datathon or if you would like to add a new team member, please reach out to us with details about the modifications you need:

Do we have to choose one technology platform to work on? Are we required to use them?

You can work on any platform you wish with any datasets you wish. The only restrictions for the UN Datathon are that the tools and data you use must be publicly and openly available during the period of the UN Datathon. Your solution must also be easily reproducible within reason. 

The UN Datathon and its partners provide a list of datasets and access to platforms to help inspire and empower you with the resources to help you turn your idea into a real solution.

However, you are not restricted to the datasets we suggest nor the tools we provide access to.

What is the MIT License? (required for submission)

Create a text file (typically named LICENSE or LICENSE.txt) in the root of your source code and copy the text of the license into the file. Replace [year] with the current year and [fullname] with the name (or names) of the copyright holders.

Optional steps

Add MIT to your project’s package description, if applicable. This will ensure the license is displayed in package directories.

More information here.