A number of national statistical offices (NSOs) and government agencies are leveraging PETs to enable rich and innovative statistical analysis, whilst protecting the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive information contained within their datasets. This repository provides example case studies of where PETs have been deployed in the real world to facilitate the generation and dissemination of privacy-preserving statistics.

The repository includes the 18 case studies that are provided in Chapter 3 of the 2023 UN Guide on Privacy-Enhancing Technologies for Official Statistics (which can be found here). We intend to update and expand this repository moving forward.

Additional resources

  • The UK Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation’s use case repository (see https://cdeiuk.github.io/pets-adoption-guide/repository) provides high-level descriptions of additional real-world applications of PETs, which are not limited to statistical use cases. We intend for these two repositories to be complementary resources.
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