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Estimating state level indicators from ICT household surveys in Brazil

Compares four small area estimation methods to produce state-level estimates for two selected indicators using two editions (2014 and 2015) of the Survey on the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Brazilian Households: ICT Households.
Eurostat2019Small area estimation for city statistics and other functional  geographiesPresents a detailed report for using small area estimation for city statistics. 
Eurostat2019Guidelines on small area estimation for city statistics and other functional geographiesProvides guidelines on small area estimation for city statistics and other functional geographies. 

Development of a small area estimation system at Statistics Canada

Introduces a small area estimation system within Statistics Canada that covers discussion on common SAE methods and software packages that are developed for the Office
United Kingdom2018

Income estimates for small areas in England and Wales, technical report: financial year ending 2018

Methods used to produce small area income estimates for local areas in England and Wales, known as Middle layer Super Output Areas (MSOAs), including information on the quality of the models and estimates
New Zealand2017

Territorial authority estimates produced from the Household Disability Survey using small domain estimation: technical description

Describes how we produced territorial authority (TA) estimates from the Household Disability Survey using small domain estimation.
World Bank - Ethiopia2016Small Area Estimation of Child Malnutrition in Ethiopian WoredasBased on the 2014 Demographic and Health Survey, this working paper presents small area estimations for under-nutrition children in Ethoipia. 
UNSD2016The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Small Area Poverty Estimation ProjectThis is a presentation about the Phillipines' poverty situation using SAE method. 
United Kingdom2016

Small Area Income Estimates: Plans for future production and development

This website contains the plans for future production and development for small area income estimates (status 2016). 
ILO2015A National Employment Guarantee Programme
for Indonesia: AN APPROACH
This report presents the design of an employment guarantee program for Indonesia for helping to alleviate situations of poverty and un-/under-employment and for creating productive assets for the economy. 

Small area estimation of food insecurity and undernutrition in Nepal

Small area estimates (SAE) of food poverty and undernutrition in Nepal are produced at ilaka level by  combining survey data with auxiliary data derived from the 2011 National Population and Housing Census (NPHC 2011).
ILO2014EMPLOYMENT, LIVELIHOOD & SOCIAL PROTECTION: PDNA GUIDELINES VOLUME BThis report presents findings on economic recovery and reconstructions in Fiji after disaster destroy. 
UNDP2014Nepal Human Development Report: Beyond Geography Unlocking Human PotentialThis report presents Nepal human development results in 2014, carried out by UNDP and Government of Nepal. 
World Bank - Nepal2013Small Area Estimation of Nepal, Vol 1.This report presents 2010/11 small-area estimates and maps for Nepal at the 75 district, 967 ilaka, and 2344 "target area" level, of poverty incidence, poverty gap, and poverty severity. 
World Bank - Fiji2011Republic of Fiji Poverty Trends, Profiles and Small Area Estimation (Poverty Maps) in Republic of Fiji (2003-2009)Using small area estimation technique, this reports presents an analysis of household poverty and its drivers ( family, labor, human capital, social assistance transfers, and geography), based on new expenditure based poverty measures in Fiji.
Australia2010Small Area Estimation Using a Multinomial Logit Mixed Model with Category Specific Random Effects, Australia Bureau of StatisticsDescribes a model based approach to producing small area estimates of counts for different categories of the Australian labour force based on a multinomial logit mixed model with category specific random effects.
Ghana2010District-level Estimates of Institutional Births in Ghana: Application of Small Area Estimation Technique Using Census and DHS DataThe research article aims to derive district-level estimates of the proportion of births in health institutions by linking data from 2003 Ghanian DHS and 2000 Population and Housing Census. 
World Bank - Bhutan2010Small Area Estimation of Poverty in Rural BhutanThis technical report presents the small area estimation of poverty in rural Bhutan, which was prepared with an objective to provide a more disaggregated picture of poverty in Bhutan.
World Bank - Vietnam2010Poverty and Inequality Maps for Rural Vietnam: An Application of Small Area EstimationThis working paper presents the small area estimation of poverty and inequality in rural Vietnam. 
Australia2009Small Area Estimation with Simulated Samples from the Population CensusEvaluate estimates and quality measures used in SAE applications within the Australian Bureau of Statistics, assessing the extent of any bias which may be observed.
Australia2008Experimental Estimates of Adult Literacy for Local Government AreasDerive experimental estimates of adult literacy for Local Government Areas from the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey 2006 (ALLS 2006). The paper uses a small area estimation technique – specifically a multilevel random intercept model – to derive estimates for small geographical areas.
Australia2008Persons with Main Source of Income from Own Unincorporated Business Experimental Estimates for Small AreasPresents experimental regional income estimates, based on Individual
Income Tax Return data from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), relating to persons
whose principal source of personal income is derived from their own unincorporated
India2008Estimation of District Level Poor Households in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India by Combining NSSO Survey and Census DataThis working paper presents model-based estimates of the proportion of poor households at different districts in India. 
New Zealand2008New Approaches to Small Area Estimation of UnemploymentThe focus of this research study is small area estimation of unemployment as defined 
by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). 
United Kingdom2008Some Initiatives on Combining Data to Support Small Area Statistics and Analytical Requirements at ONS-UKPresents lessons learnt and experiences of UK ONS in using SAE.
Eurostat2006Small area estimation with stochastic benchmark constraints: theory and practical application in US labor statisticsThis working paper presents small area estimation with stochastic benchmark constraints and their application to official statistics of United States labor force. 
FAO - Costa Rica2004Estimating Poverty Over Time and Space: Construction of a Time-Variant Poverty Index for Costa RicaThis working paper shows poverty estimation for Costa Rican districts.
Australia2004Small Area Estimation of Disability in AustraliaDiscusses the context of SAE in Australia and applies small area estimation to get information about disabilities. 
ILO2000Methods for producing world and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labour marketThis is a manual for addressing how to use SAE to produce world and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labor market. 
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