The Handbook on the Use of MobilePhoneData for Official Statistics (UNSD, 2019) mentions that in MPD projects, ensuring quality has become an issue of grave importance. A quality assurance framework (QAF) advocates for the positive assurance of quality at each stage of processing: 1) assurance of the quality of input data, 2) assurance of the quality of statistical processes, and 3) assurance of the quality of the product (output). Additionally, the institutional environment should be set up to be conducive to statistical quality.

To ensure that the quality of the MPD from varying sources are consistent and can be used for purposes of producing timely and reliable migration statistics, the three stages of quality assurance checks have to be followed, whenever possible.

For purposes of migration statistics, the quality assurance checks as recommended (UNSD, 2019) are also being proposed for assuring the quality of input data, statistical process, and quality of output.

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