When using MPD for migration statistics, one should consider the following technical and legal aspects:

  • Data access: MPD requires access to data from Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). As such, partnerships with MNOs are of crucial importance. Because countries tend to have multiple MNOs operating in them, it can be a considerable challenge to gain access to data that covers the whole country. Various MNOs might have different standards on the data that they collect and on the data that they are willing to provide for MPD statistics.
  • Dataset: Sometimes the dataset is not rich enough for estimating trends or changes in trends in migration flows. There are often technical errors or data that need to be removed from the dataset for various reasons. Additionally, a common issue is not having access to data from all MNOs in a country, potentially leading to a low penetration rate.
  • Legal obstacles: Data privacy laws vary a lot by country, and in many cases, the laws prevent MPD from being used in statistics. Additionally, companies may have terms and conditions or non-disclosure agreements for data sharing policy.

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