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C.1.  Satellite register for trade in services  

5.24.        A satellite register of an SBR is a register that covers a subpopulation of the SBR with specific characteristics. For instance, a satellite register for trade in services (TIS-R) contains all economic units engaged in the international supply of services. That subpopulation is identified by linking the SBR with data from other sources, helping the statistician to determine the target subpopulation in the published indicators. Subsequently, survey samples can be drawn from the TIS-R.

5.25.        It is good practice for the TIS-R to be maintained by a dedicated unit within the agency responsible for the compilation of trade in services statistics in the country. However, it is strongly advised that the core information on the economic units in the TIS-R be automatically updated from the central SBR and that its content be harmonized with it. The harmonization of the TIS-R and the SBR entails forwarding to the SBR managers the information on the statistical units identified as engaged in the international supply of services but not yet included in SBR. For example, a TIS-R can include and provide to an SBR information on units, which are identified by the central bank as being active in resident/non-resident services transactions, but not yet registered in the SBR.  The international supply of services is, in principle, a possible activity for all units in an economy. Therefore, drawing efficient samples requires the inclusion in the sample frame of all those units that supply services internationally and the exclusion of those that are not engaged in such activity. In that context, in practice, it is useful to have a tailor-made TIS-R for trade in services. 


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