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The Compiler's Guide for MSITS 2010 was developed under guidance from the inter- Task Force on Statistics of International Trade in Services (TFSITS), with strong support from the UN Expert Group on the compilation of Statistics of International Trade in Services, as mandated by the Statistical Commission. The process itself was organized by the United Nations Statistics Division.

        At the very beginning of the process, national statistical agencies, national central banks, international and regional organizations were consulted on the annotated outline of the Compiler's Guide through worldwide consultation. On the basis of that consultation, initial drafts of each chapter were produced and reviewed by an extended Expert Group during four consecutive virtual meetings in 2012 and early 2013, and by the UN Expert Group in one face-to-face meeting in June 2013. In addition to those meetings, the TFSITS met separately on the development of the Guide in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The consultation and reviews and virtual and in-person meetings were coordinated by the Statistics Division, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). The process benefited immensely from the advice, as well as the country examples, received during the various meetings.

        Special thanks go to WTO (Joscelyn Magdeleine and Andreas Maurer), OECD (Bettina Wistrom, Satoru Hagino and Fabienne Fortanier), Eurostat (Hionia Vlachou) and the Statistics Division (Ronald Jansen, Karoly Kovacs and Nancy Snyder) as main contributors to the Guide. Robert Yuskavage, Paul Farello and Maria Borga assisted on the sections related to the collection and compilation of foreign affiliates statistics (FATS).

       All members of the Task Force are acknowledged for reviewing the Guide throughout the drafting process and for providing valuable comments, including the following: Nadim Ahmad (OECD), Digna Amil (Eurostat); Sanja Blazevic (United Nations Conference of Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Daniela Comini (Eurostat), Claudia de Camino (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)); Christophe Durand (International Trade Centre (ITC)); Franca Faes-Cannito (Eurostat); Paul Farello (United States of America Bureau of Economic Analysis ); Satoru Hagino (OECD); Oliver Herrmann (World Tourism Organization (UNTWO); Ronald Jansen (Statistics Division); Toshie Kori (Bank of Japan); Karoly Kovacs (Statistics Division); Fernando Lemos (Central Bank of Brazil); Joscelyn Magdeleine (WTO); Silvia Matei (International Monetary Fund (IMF)); Andreas Maurer (WTO); Riina Kerner (Eurostat); Maria Isabel Mendez (Bank of Chile); Markie Muryawan (UNCTAD); Henk Nijmeijer (Eurostat); Karo Nuortila (Eurostat); Giovanni Giuseppe Ortolani (Banca d'Italia); François Renard (consultant); Nathalie Schueller (European Commission); Almut Steger (Deutsche Bundesbank); Hidetoshi Takeda (Bank of Japan); Jens Walter (Deutsche Bundesbank); and Bettina Wistrom (OECD).

        The following contributors are acknowledged for providing text on compilation guidance and country examples: Australian Bureau of Statistics (Mark Burkhart, Chris Hinchcliffe, Bernard Williams, Paul Mahoney and Jenine Borowik); Banca d'Italia (Giovanni Giuseppe Ortolani); Banco Central de Chile (Maria Isabel Mendez); Banco Central do Brasil (Fernando Lemos and Thiago Vieira); Banco de México (Andrés Zetina Gutiérrez); Banco de Portugal (Patricia Alexandra Goncalves and Carla Marques); Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Rosabel Guerrero); Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (Osman Cagatay); Institut national de la Statistique et des Études Économiques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (Nico Weyer); Banque de France (François Mouriaux, Elisabeth Kremp, Valérie Chauvin, Bertrand Colles, Brunot Longuet and Séverine Castor); United States Bureau of Economic Analysis (Paul Farello and Maria Borga); Bank of Japan (Toshie Kori and Hidetoshi Takeda); Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel (Shimon Arieli); Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Lydia Troshina); Statistics Netherlands (Ger Stam and Ben Schoffelen); Central Statistics Office of Ireland (Stephen Treacy, Jennifer Banim, Stephen McDonagh and Susana Portillo); Czech Statistical Office (Tereza Košťáková and Jaroslav Sixta); Depa Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong (Desmond Sam); Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística Colombia (Lilan Andrea Guio and Martha Poveda Gómez); Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Matthias Nahm); Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics of India (Amitava Saha and Dipankar Sinha); Deutsche Bundesbank (Beatrix Stejskal Passler, Almut Steger and Jens Walter); ECLAC (Claudia de Camino); Eesti Pank, Estonia (Andres Kerge and Andres Lauba); Eurostat (Axel Behrens, Zsolt Volfinger, Matthias Ludwig, Leonidas Akritidis and Luis de la Fuente Layos); General Statistics Office of Vietnam (Thi Minh Thuy Le); Hungarian Statistical Office (Zsolt Morcsanyi, Anita Bany and Zsófia Prohászka); International Monetary Fund (IMF) (Silvia Matei), ITC (Christian Delachenal and Christophe Durand); Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Spain (José Antonio Isanta Foncuberta); Ministry of Commerce,China (Yuan Haiying); National Bank of the Republic of Belarus (Elena Rezanovich); National Statistics Institute, Uruguay (Alvaro Fuentes and Jose Gaston Presto Mattos); National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, France (Alain Gallais, Colette Hericher and Raoul Depoutot); National Statistical Office, Malta (Elaine G. Borg); National Statistics Office, Philippines (Estela de Guzman and Antonio Balneg Jr.); OECD (Maria Isabel Mendez, Fernando Galindo Rueda, Vladimir Lopez-Bassols, Jean Christophe Dumont, Ayse Bertrand and Nadim Ahmad); Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Patricia Walter and Rene Dell'mour); Office des Changes, Morocco (Mounir Rhandi); Office for National Statistics of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Stephen Curtis and Katherine Kent); Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (Husam Kahlifa and Haleema Saeed); Poland Central Statistical Office (Agnieszka Matulska-Bachura); Portal do Instituto Nacional de Estatística (Paula Bordelo); Positium (Margus Tiru); South African Reserve Bank (Zirk Jansen and Stefaans Walters); Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (Veronika Töröková); Statistics Canada (Denis Caron and Patrick O'Hagan); Statistics Denmark (Casper Winther and Maria Nilsson); Statistics Finland (Risto Sippola and Teemu Oinonen); Statistics Iceland (Auður Ólína Svavarsdóttir, Vésteinn Ingibergsson and Sigrún Svava Valdimarsdóttir); Statistics Malaysia (Dorairaju Suppan and Mohd Ridauddin Bin Masud); Statistics New Zealand (Matthew Haigh, Wido Van Lijf, Aaron Carson, and Salendra Kumar); Statistics Norway (Leif Korbol and Trude Nygård Evensen); Statistics Singapore (Wong Wee Kim); University of Tartu, Department of Geography (Rhein Ahas); UNWTO (Marion Libreros Pinot, Clara Vanderpool and Oliver Herrman); WTO (Barbara D'Andrea-Adrian, Ying Yan, Antonella Liberatore, Ninez Piezas-Jerbi and Yann Marcus); and consultants François Renard and Robert Yuskavage.

        In addition, the following experts are acknowledged for reviewing the draft Compiler's Guide and providing advice: Ibrahim Almayoof (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency); Benjamin Avusevwa (Kenya National Bureau); Omar Bajodah (Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency); Elisabetta Bilotta (National Institute for Statistics Italy; Elena Borushko (Eurasian Economic Commission); Christophe Demunter (Eurostat); Kenneth Egesa (Bank of Uganda); Miloudi Errati (Haut Commissariat au Plan Morocco); Ron Farier (Government of Bermuda); 'Ata'ata M. Finau (Statistics Tonga); Philomen Harrison (Caribbean Community ; Majed Hamoudeh (Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia); Eivind Hoffmann (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration); Nilima Lal (Secretariat of the Pacific Community); Mia Mikic (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific); Themba Munalula (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa ); Claes Petri (Statistics Sweden); Ibtissam Sahir (Haut Commissariat au Plan Morocco); Nathalie Schueller (European Commission); Emanuela Trinca (Italian Institute of Statistics); Liu Xiuling (National Bureau of Statistics of China); and Jitendra Bissessur and Johan van den Heever (OECD) ; as well as the following colleagues from: Eurostat (Pekka Alajaasko, Digna Amil, Liliana Apostol, Franca Faes-Cannito, Luis Del Barrio, Arturo de la Fuente Nuño, Jens Gruetz, Rennie Herve, Riina Kerner, Zsuzsanna Melinda Kovacs, Hakan Linden, Amerigo Liotti, Tatiana Mrlianova, Olaf Nowak, Henk Nijmeijer, Karo Nuortila, Alzbeta Ridzonova, Manfred Schmiemann and Petra Sneijers, Johan Van der Valk); IMF (Cornelia Hammer, Florina Tanase and Ethan Weisman); UNCTAD (Sanja Blazevic, Torbjörn Fredriksson, Steve MacFeely, Yumiko Mochizuki, Astrit Sulstarova and Claudia Trentini); and the Economic Commission for Europe (Carsten Boldsen, Tihomira Dimova and Rami Peltola).

        Finally, Vladimir Markhonko is acknowledged for his significant contribution in ensuring that the Guide is coherent and consistent. He was a consultant at the Statistics Division in 2013 and again in 2014, and was entrusted with the task of carrying out a thorough review of the Compiler's Guide to ensure consistency across chapters and with international statistical standards and other statistical domains.