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6.108.                  Vehicle rental without operator includes small cars, but it might also cover, e.g., boats, yachts, vans and caravans. 

6.109.                  Vehicle rentals without operator are mainly used by visitors, both those on business trips and those travelling for recreational purposes. The implicit tourism share on this item is usually high. As a consequence, it can be of interest to collect this information from providers of services that might give a good first approximation of expenditure by visitors. However, such information may also be obtained from the visitors themselves (see Chapter IV). 

6.110.                 Besides information on their income and operational costs, vehicle rental operators might provide‑non monetary indicators of interest such as: 

  • Number of available vehicles for rental
  • Number of available vehicle‑days (by month) as well as rented vehicle‑days (globally and by types of vehicles, where relevant)
  • Type of customers, products used
  • Tourism share of rented vehicles and of income (if possible)