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6.21.                  The information to be collected from establishments in tourism industries refers to: 

  • Number of production establishments and their classification by size (derived directly from business registers for organized businesses)
  • Output: its valuation should be at basic prices, that is, excluding taxes on products, but including all additional charges that must be paid by clients
  • Intermediate consumption
  • Value added
  • Compensation of employees
  • Investments (labelled “gross fixed capital formation”)
  • Relevant non‑monetary indicators which illustrate the level of potential and actual activity. These indicators might be different for each tourism industry. 

6.22.                 Since the aim of this Compilation Guide is to help countries implement IRTS 2008 and develop a national STS, the data to be obtained should serve both national purposes and purpose of international comparability. Data useful for national purposes, however, will be much more detailed than those needed for international comparability. 

6.23.                 Regarding international comparability, a data set for tourism industries (including basic data and indicators) will be requested annually by UNWTO from member and non‑member countries and will be disseminated in the Compendium of Tourism Statistics, the most comprehensive statistical publication of UNWTO (see Table VI.1). 

Table VI.1 

Example of a table of results four tourism industries


“000”: thousands

“US$ Mn: millions of United States dollars