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E. Examples of enterprise surveys conducted to obtain additional information

 4.18.        Survey on Insurance and Freight Costs for Import Trade. The Census and Statistics Department of China, Hong Kong SAR, has been compiling a set of import statistics valued on a free on board (FOB) basis to facilitate analysis of the merchandise trade balance and comparison of trade statistics with those of other economies. The imports FOB valuation was derived from the imports CIF valuation based on data obtained from the Survey on Insurance and Freight Costs for Import Trade (IMS), which is a sample survey conducted since 1996 on a monthly basis.  The main objective of IMS is to collect information on the insurance premium and freight cost incurred for imports of goods.  Under the current sample design, trade items in import declarations are stratified by two variables, namely, Harmonized System (HS) section and mode of transport.  Within each stratum, a proportionate random sample is drawn from the monthly import declarations, with the selection probability of each element proportional to its trade value.  The total sample size determined on the basis of desired precision and resources availability is about 3,000 trade items per quarter.  Data are collected by contacting the trader or company listed on the import declaration using the computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) approach.  Various measures, such as implementation of validation checks in the CATI system, online monitoring on the performance of individual field officers and verification of a sample of the enumerated cases by field supervisors, are adopted to safeguard the quality of the collected data.

4.19.        Survey on Trade involving Outward Processing of China, Hong Kong SAR, in the Mainland of China. The outward processing (OP) of China, Hong Kong SAR, in the mainland of China involves the exportation of all or part of the raw materials or semi-manufactures from or through Hong Kong to the mainland for processing, with a contractual arrangement for subsequent re-importation of the processed goods into Hong Kong.  As trade of  an OP nature cannot be delineated under the existing system of recording merchandise trade statistics, the Census and Statistics Department has been conducting the Survey on Trade involving Outward Processing in the Mainland of China (OPS) to assess the economic impact of OP activities. OPS is a monthly sample survey which has been conducted since the third quarter of 1988.  All import and export declarations in respect of the trade ofChina, Hong Kong SAR, with the mainland and re-exports of goods of Mainland origin to other places are employed as the sample frame for the survey. Under the current sample design, the declarations are first categorized by trade flow and commodity groups.  For re-exports of mainland origin, the declarations are further categorized by three markets, namely theUnited States of America, the European Union and other places. A stratified sampling method is adopted for the sample selection. The total sample size is about 28, 500 declarations per quarter.  Data are collected from the traders and enterprises on the declarations using the computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) approach.