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SNA                                  System of National Accounts

ASEAN                              Association of South East Asian Nations

ASYCUDA                        Automated System for Customs Data

BEC                                  Classification by Broad Economic Categories

BMP5                                Balance of Payments Manual, 5th edition

BMP6                                Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual, 6th edition

CATI                                  computer-assisted telephone interviewing

CIF                                    cost, insurance and freight

COMESA                          Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

CPA                                   Classification of Products by Activity

CPC                                  Central Product Classification

DQAF                                Data Quality Assessment Framework

ECE                                   Economic Commission for Europe

EG-IMTS                           Expert Group on International Merchandise Trade Statistics

ESMS                                Euro SDMX Metadata Structure

ESS                                   European Statistical System

EUROSTAT                       Statistical Office of the European Communities

FAO                                    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FOB                                   free on board

GATT                                 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

HS07                                 Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, 2007 edition

ICC                                     International Chamber of Commerce

IMF                                     International Monetary Fund

IMTS                                   International merchandise trade statistics

IMTS 2010                         International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, 2010

IMTS 2010-CM                  International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Compilers Manual, Revision 1

IMTS 2010, Rev.1             International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, Revision 1

IMTS 2010, Rev.2             International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, Revision 2

INCOTERMS                     terms of delivery standardized by ICC

ISIC                                     International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities

MSITS 2010                       Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010

NACE                                  Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community

OECD                                 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

QMF                                   quality management framework

RKC                                    revised Kyoto Convention

SAD                                    single administrative document

SDMX                                 Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange

SITC                                   Standard International Trade Classification

SQL                                    Structured Query Language

TF-IMTS                             inter-agency Task Force on International Merchandise Trade Statistics

UN/CEFACT                       United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

UN/EDIFACT                      United Nations rules for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

UPU                                    Universal Postal Union

VAT                                     value added tax

WCO                                   World Customs Organization

WTO                                   World Trade Organization

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