This document (called the Handbook), prepared by members of Task Team on AIS data of United Nations Global Working Group on Big Data for Official Statistics (GWG), is intended to provide detailed description on global dataset of AIS (Automatic Identification System), to share methodologies in calculating indicators from AIS both for official statistics and experimental use and to outline possible future work regarding AIS dataset. It also contains use cases in different domains in using AIS datasets for certain purposes, such as maritime transport indicators, monitoring fishery, estimating of CO2 emissions produced by ships. Because global AIS dataset is available at UN Global Platform (UNGP), a computing platform offered by GWG to its members, this document describes in detail on how to access and utilize the platform with main objective that others would be able to replicate calculation of indicators without the need to procure IT infrastructure and AIS dataset itself.

The Handbook is structured by introducing GWG and AIS Task Team, followed by describing the AIS dataset including its data cleaning and preparation. Existing case studies relevant to the work of the Task Team are compiled into a single chapter for easy referencing. The following chapter is on utilizing the AIS dataset in UNGP by giving an example of two indicators developed by UK ONS: Time spent in Port and Port Traffic. It is ended by a chapter on future work in which members of the Task Team contemplating on how to increase the usefulness of AIS by linking with other datasets or by exploring innovative ways in utilizing AIS. Cross-cutting topics such as quality of data or protection of privacy would be placed in relevant chapters. See the main chapters of the Handbook below.

  1. Scope of document
  2. Introduction
  3. Overview of AIS dataset
  4. Data cleaning and preparation
  5. Case studies
  6. AIS at UNGP
  7. Future work
  8. References

This Handbook is indented to be consumed by the general public; however, the primary target audience is international or national agencies which aim to use AIS data as the alternate data source for official statistics or experimental data fit-for-purpose.

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