Source of AIS Data

AIS data in UNGP are provided by ExactEarth which combines their own satellite data with terrestrial data from Fleetmon. It contains live data and global archive data from 1 December 2018.

Data Recording Processes

exactEarth collects AIS messages from two different satellite constellations, totalling more than 65 AIS equipped satellites and also from the terrestrial-based network from our partnership with Fleetmon into the UNGP platform. AIS messages collected by both the satellite and terrestrial networks are funneled through a data center located in Toronto, Canada where all the data verification, operational monitoring, and service configuration takes place.

Data Cleaning at the Source

Within exactEarth’s data processing chains, a series of data validation tests are made to confirm that each of the AIS messages, that are made available to customers, conform to the AIS specification set out in the ITU-R M.1371-4 document[1]

[1] See other versions at

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