Austrian Statistical Days Will Emphasize Contributions of Statistics in Policy


28 September 2010 – Several high-ranking officials will participate in the Austrian Statistical Days from 19 to 22 October in Vienna to mark World Statistics Day (WSD). Former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Hannes Androsch will give a keynote address on the “necessity of quickly available data for economic policy-making” on 20 October. That afternoon, a panel discussion on the theme “Quick data as a basis for economic and social policy-making” will include the Minister of Social Affairs Rudolf Hundstorfer, and the Director-Generals of the Ministry of Finance and Austrian National Bank. Over three days, the Annual Meeting of the Austrian Statistical Society 2010 will discuss several issues: Health Statistics and Demography; Computational Statistics and Econometrics, and; Medical Statistics and Statistical Genetics. In the context of WSD, three Vienna-based UN agencies (UNODC, UNIDO and IAEA) will hold on 14 October a joint seminar on their respective statistics.


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