WSD to Be Celebrated in Morocco under the Auspices of the King


9 September 2010 -- His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco has kindly assented to the request of the High Commission for Planning (HCP) to grant His High Patronage to the celebration of the World Statistics Day (WSD) in Morocco.


A WSD conference-debate on "Achievements and prospects of statistics in the world and in Morocco" will gather Government officials, Members of the parliamentary committees for economic, financial and social issues of the two Houses of Parliament, and representatives of business, trade unions, universities and civil society organizations.


In Morocco, HCP is in charge of organizing WSD activities. They will also include a press conference, the release of a survey on citizens’ perceptions of statistical indicators, and “Open Door” days throughout Morocco to allow social and economic actors, students, pupils and interested citizens to visit statistical offices. An exhibit will also be displayed on new technologies used in statistical information.


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