Trust in Data and Statistics

Thursday, April 25 2019, 10:00 am (EST)

Building on the plenary session on Trust in Data and Statistics held during the UNWDF 2018 in Dubai, this webinar continues the discussions on building trust in official statistics.

In a world with fake news and alternative facts looming around us, the public 's trust in official data and statistics is more important than ever. A better understanding of the causes of a lack of trust can help strategically plan a path to building and strengthening trust in official statistics. By integrating users and their perspectives into all aspects of the data value chain, user needs will be fully addressed leading to enhanced public trust in official statistics. Our communal aim is to strive towards open data and avoid data gripped tightly in private arms, to promote data sharing as a pragmatic reality, and to fully resource, value and trust official statistics and national statistical systems.

There are important building blocks underlying trust in data and statistics that should be cultivated to create a data system fit for our future needs. Such building blocks include building strong organizational infrastructures, good governance practices, and multi-stakeholder partnerships; following sound and internationally agreed data standards and principles for production, sharing, interoperability, and dissemination of data and statistics; and integrating users in the data value chain to meet their needs, increase the value of data and statistics, and ensure meaningful impacts.

Bringing together a panel of experts in the development data space, this webinar tackles the issue of trust in official statistics and highlights ways toward a trusted data ecosystem.

  • Moderator: Francesca Perucci,, Chief, Development Data and Outreach Branch, UN Statistics Division

  • Panelist: Shaida Baidee, Managing Director, Open Data Watch


  • Panelist: Pádraig Dalton, Director General, Central Statistics Office of Ireland


  • Panelist: Hernán Muñoz, National Director of Statistical Planning and Coordination, The National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC)