TA 6. How far have we come?

(TA6.10) Developing Capacities for the 2030 Agenda: Moving towards Implementation

Ajman Stat Hall October 23, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

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Johannes Jütting
Serge Kapto
Phetsamone Sone
Yusuf Murangwa
Gemma Van Halderen
Lawrence McGill
Marina Gandolfo
Martine Durand

Capacity Development has been defined as the process through which individuals, organisations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain their abilities to collect maintain and disseminate high quality data to set and achieve their own objectives, while meeting users’ needs.

Following the 1st UNWDF, this session builds on the results that established a conceptual framework to address new approaches to capacity development and transitions to the implementation of concrete activities. By using the three pillars of individuals, organisations and societies, the session will outline the way in which organisations can build a comprehensive and cohesive capacity development strategy.

The session will also share some recent progress in capacity development activities, including results from a recent UN HLG-PCCB survey which assesses the current gaps in capacity development and highlights recent events and initiatives such as the UNDP-PARIS21 Capacity Development workshop.

The session directly contributes to the implementation of the Cape Town Global Action Plan by linking with discussions by the HLG-PCCB, UNECE and other actors.