TA 6. How far have we come?

(TA6.09) Modernisation of national statistics – how far have those the most in need come?

GCC-Stat Hall October 22, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

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Stephen Penneck
El-Iza Mohamedou
Claire Melamed
Toh Hock Chai
Salah Al Muzahmi
Qasem Saeed Al Zoubi
Roberto Luis Olinto Ramos
Ruth Minja
Irena Krizman

The session would like to stimulate the exchange of practical experiences and discuss the opportunities and challenges in modernising statistics at national level. The proposal has been prepared by the ISI. The global indicator framework, adopted by the General Assembly in 2017, and related international activities request a huge effort from National Statistical Offices. Modernisation of national statistics has been recognised as one of the priorities in the Cape Town Global Action Plan for Sustainable Development data. The session would like to focus on practical experiences in modernising the NSOs and NSS (such as implementation of strategic planning as an integrative tool of modernisation activities, introduction of innovations and application of standards being developed in the broader statistical community, mobilizing strategic investments and the partnership with Central Banks). The session will be organized as a panel discussion with seven panellists. El-Iza Mohamedou will discuss the pivotal role of strategic planning in the modernisation process of NSOs and NSSs through innovation. Claire Melamed will talk about the GPSDD and its contribution to the development of national statistics. Toh Hock Chai will share a good practice from Malysia on how National Central Bank can contribute to the modernisation of national statistics. Albina Chuwa, Salah Al Muzahmi, Qasem Saeed Al Zoubi and Roberto Olinto Ramos will talk about the concrete experience in modernising official statistics in Tanzania, Arab Countries of the Gulf, Jordan and Brasil. Main outcome from session: Concrete recommendations on how to speed up the process of modernisation of statistics at national level.