TA 5. Building trust in data and statistics

(TA5.09) New Approaches to Data Governance in the 21st Century: A View from Countries, Multilaterals, and Foundations

DP World Hall October 22, 2018 9:00 am - 10:15 am

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Haishan Fu
Jake Porway
Phetsamone Sone
Fernando Perini
Gopi Krishna Khanal
Craig Hammer

INTRO: Data Governance is a rapidly evolving concept; it means different things to governments; multilaterals; and foundations, but (particularly in light of recent events) these categories of data providers and users are focused on “”getting data governance right.””

PANEL: This session will bring together representatives from across government; multilateral organizations, non-governmantal organizizations, and foundations to discuss their own experiences and insights into effective data governance process, and share key lessons learned with WDF participants.

WORKSHOP: The session will include a round robin with participants to pose questions/issues they themselves are facing to essentially “”workshop”” problems with the panel of experts. At the conclusion of the session, key lessons will be distilled into proposed “”themes”” to inform participants’ development and implementation of their own data governance frameworks, covering people, processes, and technology to improve the quality of critical data, and simultaneously ensure data privacy while supporting data transparency / Open Data, while prioritizing the establishment of trust in corporate and development data.

RESOURCES: Additional resources will be shared, for example: (i) best practice guidance on creating a data governance body/position to guide an organization’s data governance processes; (ii) step-by-step guidance for establishing a data governance framework for critical data and metadata in participants’ organization based on a proven methodology; and (iii) examples/tool demonstrations.