TA 5. Building trust in data and statistics

(TA5.04) Statistical-Geospatial Integration: Supporting the SDGs and the 2020 Censuses

DP World Hall October 24, 2018 9:00 am - 10:30 am

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Tim Trainor
Bernard Muhwezi
Clint Brown
Gemma Van Halderen
Janusz Dygaszewicz

Session will be of interest to national, regional and international data users and producers of statistical, administrative and geospatial datasets interested in applying and improving interoperability between these datasets. The use of common frameworks, standards, methods and practices to enable this will be a key feature. The session will examine what interoperability and integration of these datasets means for linking with policy and other decision making, providing data for the SDG process and indicators, the requirements for capability development and practical issues and examples of applying these methods to statistical collections such as Censuses.

Main outcome from session:

Increased national and regional interest in enhancing capability and production of integrated statistical and geospatial information, and greater engagement in developing these mechanisms through the UN intergovernmental processes.

Greater application of the principles of Global Statistical Geospatial Framework and related methodologies, leading to enhanced availability and interoperability of small area disaggregation of data from Censuses and other data sources to inform the SDG process and indicators.


Mr. Timothy Trainor, Consultant and former Chief Scientist, US Census Bureau, USA.

Mr. Bernard Muhwezi, Manager, Geo-Information Services, Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

Mr. Clint Brown, Director, Product Engineering, Esri, USA

Ms. Gemma Van Halderen, Director, Statistics Division, UNESCAP.

Mr. Janusz Dygaszewicz, Director, ICT Systems, Geostatistics and Census Department, Statistics Poland, Poland.


Chair: Mr. Timothy Trainor, Consultant and former Chief Scientist, US Census Bureau, USA.