TA 5. Building trust in data and statistics

(TA5.01) Increasing Trust in Data and Statistics

DP World Hall October 23, 2018 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm

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Rajesh Mirchandani
Shaida Badiee
Martine Durand
Georges-Simon Ulrich
Nnenna Nwakanma

Building trust in data and statistics has its own track in this year’s World Data Forum agenda. And rightfully so. As fake news and alternative facts loom around us, trust in official data and statistics is needed more than ever. This session tackles the issue of trust in data, statistics, and the institutions that collect and maintain them within the 2030 data ecosystem. What are the causes of a lack of trust in data and statistics and how can they be remedied? How can openness set us on the right path to building trust? How can we avoid a data dystopia – where data monopolies are gripped tightly in private arms, data sharing is only rhetoric, and official statistics and national statistical systems are under resourced, undervalued, and mistrusted.

Highlighting the role of open data as a catalyst for building trust, this panel session will bring together a diverse range of public and private sector individuals with expertise in the subject of data use and openness. The session targets data producers and data users, as both stakeholder groups are necessary to strengthen the foundation of trust in data ecosystems. Panelists will share their experience building trust through open data and the challenges they face in doing so.

This session will address a tangible action point for the data and statistical community — how can we build trust in a changing data ecosystem? Participants will leave with awareness of how other stakeholders, individuals, and organizations are tackling this difficult issue.