TA 4. Understanding the world through data

(TA4.14) Data & diplomats: capacity development for diplomats and policy-makers in the data age

Mofaic Hall October 23, 2018 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

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Jovan Kurbalija
Grace Mutung’u
Rawl Prescott
Javier Teran
Maria Fasli
Graham Nelson
Katharina Hone

With the introduction of new sources of data and ways to analyse them, there are important opportunities for the public sector to become more data-informed. Whether it is through the incorporation of social media insights, geospatial data, call detail records, or text-mining of documents and transcripts, the current data age is presenting policy-makers with great possibilities. Yet, to properly integrate data analyses into decision- and policy-making, it doesn’t suffice to hire data analysts.

There is a need for diplomats and international policy-makers to:

  • understand what is, and what is not, possible when it comes to data for policy-making;
  • be able to communicate smoothly with data scientists, and vice versa;
  • ask the right questions, so that data scientists are aware of exactly what is needed;
  • understand the legal framework within which data can be processed, and related data protection and security
    mechanisms; and
  • craft sustainable partnerships with data providers or analysts in the private sector.

This session will address the capacity development needs for decision-makers in the public sector, with a focus on ministries of foreign affairs. The session builds on DiploFoundation’s 15 years of expertise in capacity building in the field of diplomacy and technology, which includes a recently developed course on Data Diplomacy. The session aims to establish a curriculum for data-skills for policy-makers, which can be further elaborated and implemented in DiploFoundation’s online courses.