TA 4. Understanding the world through data

(TA4.12) Gender Data Impact Stories: From Data to Action

DP World Hall October 23, 2018 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

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Emily Courey Pryor
Shaida Badiee
Nina Rabinovitch Blecker
Fredrick Edward Makumbi
Henrica Jansen
Daniela Ligiero
Marjo Bruun
Rajesh Mirchandani

Despite increased awareness of the importance of gender data, concrete examples of gender data leading to impact – on legislation, government programs or policies, practices/behaviors, or perceptions/attitudes – are not easy to find. In response to this gap, Data2X, in partnership with Open Data Watch and Devex, launched a call for Gender Data Impact stories—to identify stories where good data led to positive impact, especially for women and girls. Unearthing these stories is critical to arm gender equality advocates, citizens, and policymakers with the examples they need to advocate for closing gender data gaps and using complete data to improve policy.

This session will explore the data to impact link and define “data impact” more broadly using the data value chain. It will examine why good gender data impact stories are a prerequisite for achieving gender equality and the SDGs, and panelists will share as-of-yet untold gender data stories gathered through the Gender Data Impact: Call for Stories project. These stories will feature the use of data from a variety of sources and sectors, and impact ranging from the creation of new policy and legislation to shifts in donor and programmatic direction. Following the storytelling portion of the session, the audience will have an opportunity to discuss and vote on which story/ies were most compelling and demonstrated the best data to impact link.

The session will close with a brief “storytelling workshop” so that audience members can learn the best practices of data storytelling and begin gathering data impact stories where they work. Together we can improve the overall quality of data storytelling!