TA 4. Understanding the world through data

(TA4.06) Innovative Monitoring and Evaluation Solutions for the implementation of SDGs for Small and Vulnerable States

Abu Dhabi Stat Hall October 24, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

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Souad Aden-Osman
Prajapati Trivedi
Romeela Mohee
Travis Mitchell
Malehloa Molato
Yasmin Cassimally
Motselisi Matsela

The session will showcase the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool, called SDG Implementation Tool-kit (SIT), aimed at supporting small and vulnerable states in tracking progress as well as incentivising performance management related to the implementation of SDGs . Since M&E is data intensive, the session will also serve as a platform to mobilise resources and partnership with a view to support small and vulnerable states in addressing data gaps and challenges related to the implementation of SDGs. The Commonwealth Secretariat intervention will focus on its membership but in close collaboration with other development partners with a view to broaden the scope to include other African countries facing similar data challenges. In striving to support its membership, particularly, the small and vulnerable member states, the Commonwealth Secretariat is also establishing the Commonwealth Innovative Hub which is aimed at fostering and practising innovation to tackle issues which affect membership in a smarter way. The Hub will serve to improve innovative data collection and monitoring tools for member countries with a view to support them in, among others, implementing SDGs.


  1. SDG Toolkit for effective implementation of SDGs for small and vulnerable states;
  2. Addressing data challenges related to the implementation of SDGs;
  3. Exploring the Effective Use of the Commonwealth Innovation Hub

Audience: representatives from Government, private sector, civil society and development partners