TA 3. Leaving no one behind

(TA3.18) Integrating Civil Registration and Digital Identity: Emerging Best Practices

GCC-Stat Hall October 23, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

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Bill Anderson
Haishan Fu
Edward Duffus
Anir Chowdhury
Josie Perez
Anette Forsingdal
Philip Setel

Robust civil registration data and systems are increasingly recognized as the necessary foundation on which to build effective identity management systems (IDMs) and e-government services. When civil registration systems and IDMs are effectively linked, they form the foundation of all sectors and pillars of the economy and contribute to the SDGs to end poverty and ensure prosperity for all. There is increasing acceptance that this integration of CRVS and Digital Identity will provide the glue that is needed to maximise both the quality and the interoperability of registry, administrative, census and survey data in order to leave no one behind, both in terms of human rights and ensuring everyone is counted. This session aims to showcase the latest thinking and best practices from around the world.