TA 3. Leaving no one behind

(TA3.11) Corruption & governance: a statistical overview

Dewa Hall October 24, 2018 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

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Salomé Flores
Eliska Drapalova
Enrique Ordaz
El-Iza Mohamedou
Martine Durand

The session will focus on the challenges faced to build data system on governance and corruption. The SDG has highlighted governance as a crucial element by itself but also as a facilitator to achieve other social, economic, environmental and security targets. Compared to other statistical fields such as national accounts or census, governance statistics remains at its infancy and great efforts are required to develop standards and support national institutions to mainstream governance into their regular data collection systems. The panel will discuss examples of data collection systems implemented by national statistical offices in the field of governance and tools that are available to countries to build national governance statistical systems such as the UNODC-UNDP-CoE Manual on corruption surveys and the work of the Praia Group.