TA 1. New approaches to capacity development for better data

(TA1.10) National Data Platforms for SDG Reporting: principles, approaches, and experiences

Sharjah Stat Hall October 24, 2018 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

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Shaida Badiee
Luis Gerardo Gonzalez Morales
Nicola Shearman
Charles Brigham
Momar Kouta
Alexandra Silfverstolpe
Eric Anvar
Philip Ashlock
Omar Seidu
Dominik Rozkrut

Collecting data for SDGs requires a serious investment in data collection. Although strong efforts have been made over the years by countries and partners to improve dissemination and reporting of national statistical data, the results have often fallen short of expectations.

The SDGs are an opportunity to revisit the way we manage the statistical business process. What do we need to do to ensure we succeed this time around? This session brings together the approaches and experiences of a broad set of stakeholders at national and international level. Data producers and consumers, as well as open data advocates and solutions providers will all have a place at the table where we will trade stories, and consider the principles and guidelines that underpin our solutions.

Main outcome from session:

  • awareness raising on national and international implementation efforts,
  • clarification of the principles and guidelines that should inform SDG reporting platform fitness for purpose,
  • exposure to currently available community and commercial solutions providers and their products.