TA 1. New approaches to capacity development for better data

(TA1.05) Follow the data: Building better data systems for better health

DP World Hall October 23, 2018 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

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Philip Setel
Anir Chowdhury
Kelly Henning
Yusuf Murangwa
Lola Dare
Richard Delaney

The session will focus on the role of data in enabling better decisions and improved governance and accountability at multiple levels – including nationally, at city and local authority levels, for the health system overall. Participants will share an understanding of opportunities and innovations in data production and use and how partnerships across government agencies, private philanthropies, city mayors, public-private partnerships, academic institutions, civil society and NGOs can generate the data that decision makers need for policy making. The session will focus on several key areas of health data strengthening, including: birth and death registration data, including cause of death; improving frequency of risk factor data; and improving use of health data for policymaking. Improvements in these systems are often thought to be expensive, technically complex, slow, and time-consuming. But recent experiences through large global initiatives such as a Data for Health Initiative have provided considerable evidence that there are health data improvement strategies that can be put in place that use sustainable mechanisms to affect significant change in a relatively short time frame. Session participants will learn from current country and technical experts who have made considerable strides in improving these areas in low- and middle-income settings over the past 3 years.