Overview of existing databases covering statistics of international trade in service
at different international organizations
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Mandate   Regulation (EC) No 184/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council   Article VIII of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement   OECD Working Party on International Trade in Goods and Services Statistics (WPTGS) mandate for TIS and TISP annual data collection   Statistical Commission at its 23nd Session (2001)  

WTO:  GATS, RTA transparency mechanism require monitoring & surveillance of trade flows for assessing trade liberalization

UNCTAD: The Doha mandate: Development centered globalization: Towards inclusive and sustainable growth and development

ITC: Building awareness and improving the availability and use of trade intelligence in developing countries

Geographical coverage   Europe, EEA members (30), + Croatia, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Japan, USA   All economies.
Regional and world aggregates.

TIS: 34 Member countries (MCs) plus BRIICS
TISP: 34 MCs, Russian Federation, Hong Kong SAR of China

  Member states (180 of 192) + some 15 territories  

Annual data: approximately 190 individual economies;
Quarterly data: approximately 130 individual economies;

Monthly data: approximately 30 individual economies – made available by WTO only
Format   Standard questionnaire via GESMES format (full SDMX compatible)   Integrated Correspondence System (ICS) Standard Excel questionnaire  

EU-OECD countries: electronic download from EUROSTAT website
Non EU-OECD countries + Russian Federation+ Hong Kong SAR of China: Standard excel questionnaire
BRIICS for TIS (excl Russian Federation): IMF

  File exported from National Statistical Offices (NSO) or Central Banks (CB) database in delimited text file or Standard Excel questionnaire   Any input format accepted
Source   Data collection   Data collection  

Non EU-OECD countries + Russian Federation + Hong Kong SAR of China: Data collection (CBs or NSOs) through excel questionnaire
BRIICS for TIS (excl Russian Federation): electronic download from IMF

  Data collection (NSO, CB)
+ electronic data transfer from Eurostat + IMF monthly BOPS database

IMF monthly BOPS database
Eurostat, OECD, UNSD
websites of NSOs and CBs
WTO/UNCTAD estimates

  Annual: 1985-latest year
Quarterly: from 1994Q1
  1948 to latest year   TIS: from 1970 - latest year
TISP: from 1999 - latest year
  2000 - latest year   Annual data: 1980 – latest year available; Short-term data: 2006 – latest period available
Service classification   EBOPS 2002   Starting with August 2012 issue of the International Financial Statistics and the on-line Balance of Payments Statistics Database, data will be published on a BPM6 basis.  

EBOPS 2002 in general, EBOPS 2010 for some countries (for example Australia). Data following the new EBOPS 2010/BPM6 standards are countries reports (not derived from OECD conversion)

  EBOPS 2002  

Annual data: Total services, Commercial services, and 16 selected BPM5/EBOPS items;more detailed EBOPS information available from ITC Trade map;more detailed EBOPS information available from ITC Trade map;

Under development: Quarterly data by 4 main sub-items:  Transport, Travel, Other (commercial) services and government services n.i.e.

Breakdown by products (CPC)   No   No   Ongoing research project on trade by product and industries   No, but experimental CPC module is planned   No
Number of countries with partner data   32 countries (27 MCs, Croatia, Turkey, Norway, Switzerland and Japan)   No  

35 countries (33 of the 34 MCs, Hong Kong SAR of China and Russian Federation)

  46 countries  


Availability of metadata   Yes   The metadata that will appear in the August 2012 issues of the International Financial Statistics and the on-line Balance of Payments Statistics Database will indicate on what basis (BPM5 versus BPM6) an economy provided data to the IMF (see Service classification above).   Yes   Yes, in development   Yes
  Annual: Sep, a-1
Quarterly: m-3


  July, t-1   Annual data: twice a year (Feb/March and June/July, t-1);  Short-term data: on rolling basis (as available)
Publication cycle   May, t-1 (prelim.)
Annual: November, t-1 Quarterly: T+110 days

Rolling update on OECD.Stat

  Continuous – Target deadline for data February, t-2   Annual data: twice a year (April and July, t-1); Quarterly data: four times a year (t+90 days); Monthly data: twice a month
Format of publication   Internet database download   Internet database download
CD-ROM, Printed publication
  Internet database download
Printed publication, CD-ROM
  Internet database download   Internet database download and Internet download of predefined tables (or time series),
e-publication, and print (UNCTAD also publishes a DVD with selected series from its database).
Website   http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu



- http://stats.oecd.org/
Index.aspx? datasetcode=TISP


unsd/ servicetrade/

WTO: “Statistics gateway” :   http://www.wto.org/english/res_e/statis_e/statis_e.htm


ITC Trade Map: www.trademap.org

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