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UN ServiceTrade Metadata:

Responsible agency: Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Methodological framework: Financial services are included in the current account. They are compiled using the general reporting system.

Data sources: From January 2000, travel is estimated using data on settlements and information from different surveys (both on the demand and the supply side). For data up to 2005, credits are estimated based on expenditure data obtained from a border spending survey combined with information on accommodation and prices, while debits are calculated on the basis of the increasing rates shown by ITRS components. Since January 2005, the new border spending survey has constituted the only source for the estimation of the credits. Other services are part of the general reporting system (see Sub-section 3.1), with the exception of freight and related services data, which are provided by the NSI. As stated in Sub-section 3.1, the Banco de España, in cooperation with the NSI, is developing a new survey on other services with the aim of replacing the current information system.

Source: ECB (2007)

UN ServiceTrade Metadata:

National Statistical database: Banco de España

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