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Use wildcards for commodity codes to query data

Q: What are the wildcards for Commodity codes (in Express Selection)?

A: The following options are available:

1. Options AG1, AG2, AG3, AG4, AG5 and AG6. These options will give you respectively all 1-digit codes (AG1), all 2-digit codes (AG2) , etcetera. Therefore, Option AG2 is equivalent to option DD of the Comtrade For Windows application.)

2. Option LF. LF stands for Leaf. This option will give you in case of the SITC classification all the basic 4- or 5-digit commodity codes.)

3. Option ?. You can use the question mark as a position holder. This means that if you ask ?? this would equivalent to AG2 and ??? is equivalent to AG3. Furthermore, you have the possibility of requesting, for instance, 27?? which is equivalent to asking 2701, 2702, 2703, 2704 to 2799 (if those commodity codes would all exist). Therefore, the question mark gives you a lot of flexibility in requesting commodity codes. Moreover, please note that you can ask as many codes with question marks as you like (in CFW you could only use one wildcard at a time). )

4. Option *. The star means "all possible codes". For instance, 27* means all codes starting with 27, which would be 27, 2701, 270111, 2702, 270211, etcetera. )

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