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Tag Clouds in UN Comtrade

How to query data via tag clouds in UN Comtrade?

What are Tag Clouds in UN Comtrade?

A: A tag cloud is a weighted list in the field of visual design. Visually it tells which countries are more represented in the UN Comtrade database in terms of data (the largest font would be for a country with the most data and ones that are crossed off have no data). The displayed order is alphabetical. Thus both finding a tag by alphabet and by popularity is possible. Selecting a single tag within the tag cloud opens the Data availability of Reporters by years web page.

Once the Tag Cloud menu is selected, there is an option to change the Tag Cloud view from Reporters to Years. This option provides the years for which the data is most represented within the classification revision selected.

Sample of Tag Cloud by reporter

Sample of Tag Cloud by Years

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