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Slovakia Metadata

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Slovakia Metadata on International Merchandise Trade Statistics

Comtrade Explanatory Notes

Comtrade Explanatory Notes provide Slovakia’s metadata on

 Trade System 
Special trade system

Trade Valuation
FOB (Import) /FOB (Export)

 Commodity Classification

Trading Partner Notes

Exchange Rate

They are available at



National Compilation and Reporting Practices (NCDP)

The Trade Statistics Branch of the United Nations Statistics Division has conducted national compilation and reporting practices surveys in 2006 and 1996. The results of survey contains metadata of Slovakia on trade statistics, including coverage, trade system, commodity classification, valuation, quantity measurement, partner country and reporting and dissemination. 

Slovakia 2006 Survey results are available at

Slovakia 1996 Survey results are available at

Comtrade Publication Notes

Comtrade Publication Notes contains Data Source and Data Receiving Date of Slovakia.
They are available at

Country webpage for Metadata

Country webpage for Data

IMF GDDS on Merchandise Trade

IMF SDDS on Merchandise Trade

Slovakia’s page located at International Monetary Fund Special Data Dissemination Standards provides additional information on Data Coverage, Periodicity, and Timeliness, Access by the Public, Integrity, and Quality. They are available at

Remarks from Comtrade Data Processing

Annex: Checklist of metadata items to be provided by the country
a. Responsible agency for the compilation and dissemination
b. Agencies providing detailed trade data for the responsible agency
c. Statistical Territory includes excludes
d. Coverage of Commodities (on what bases: entering or leaving economic territory; or change of ownership?) includes and excludes
e. Quantity data (weight and supplementary quantity units)
f. Time of recording
g. Periodicity
h. Timeliness
i. Description of estimation methods
j. Quality Reporting



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