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Reporter country codes and their customs areas

Reporter country codes and their customs areas

I am trying to understand the country coverage and would appreciate your clarifications on the following:

1) You do not report data for France 250 or for Italy 380, right?
2) Do you report data for Chad (148) and for Equatorial Guinea (226)?
3) Is country code 251 only France and Monaco or also these other areas: French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reunion?
4) Does Comtrade data for "Italy Including San Marino and the Holy See" include exports and imports between these three areas? Does the same rule apply to other cases such as France 251?

A. See response below: 

1. Yes. UN Comtrade does not use codes 250 or 380, since these refer to the geographical area of France and Italy. For UN Comtrade, the trade data cover the Customs areas of France and Italy, which includes parts which do not belong to the geographical area.

2. For Chad, the latest data available in UN Comtrade refer to the year 1995. Data from 1976 to 1994 are also missing. Please refer to data availability. For Equatorial Guinea, there are no data at all available in UN Comtrade.

3. The overseas departments of French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reunion belong to France and trade of these departments has been included in France since 1996. Country code 251 refers to the Customs area of France, including the overseas departments, and Monaco

4. No, the intra-customs trade between areas like Italy and San Marino is excluded from the external trade of the customs area. The same rule applies for other customs areas like France-Monaco.

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