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PRINT Feature in UN Comtrade

Q: Why does the PRINT feature not always work?

A: Due to our policy, PRINT feature has been limited to 4 requests per minute. If the limit is exceeded, we will temporarily block the IP Address. If you think that you should be able to PRINT, please contact us. The print restriction is removed automatically within 24 hours.

Q: I have started getting the following message when downloading COMTRADE statitics which is making it it difficult for me to complete work that I am doing under contract from the FAO Statistics Division in Rome.

Re:'Error Information'
Too many prints have been requested from this IP Address. Please contact us to discuss this matter.

A: The system is configured to limit the 'Print' to avoid abuse. If you are subscriber, it is recommended to print the output of your query from the file provided by the direct download facility (150,000-record limit) or batch facility (25,000,000- record limit).  The print restriction will be removed in 24 hours.

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