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PC-TAS and the UN Comtrade Database

What is the difference between PC-TAS CD-ROM and the UN Comtrade database?

The PC-TAS CD-ROM contains a subset of data from UN Comtrade. However, the data extraction engine is quite different on the CD-ROM as compared to UN Comtrade on the internet. Furthermore, PC-TAS uses a cut-off of US$50,000 for inclusion of trade records on the CD and does not have trade records for the intermediate commodity levels (2- and 3-digit level of SITC and 4-digit of HS), whereas UN Comtrade contains all trade records.
We have been using the PC-TAS database version of the Comtrade data for 2000-2004 in SITC format. We would like to know whether it is possible to purchase this data (or the latest years) in a data file (suitable for import into Microsoft Access for example), rather than having to use the PCTAS front-end?

You can obtain the same information as the PC-TAS along with new data from the UN Comtrade database. Online access to UN Comtrade database (imports/exports) is available by annual subscription. The annual subscription would allow you to download the bilateral merchandise trade for all available countries up to 5 digit SITC or up to 6 digit HS.

You can access UN Comtrade, free of charge, or by clicking on First Time User, which would allow you to browse and print 1000-lines of data at a time. A subscription is needed in order to download data. UN Comtrade is accessed at

The subscription levels and order form are also on the site page. Please refer to these links on how to fully use UN Comtrade:

How can we purchase the PC/TAS data?

The PC/TAS data, which is derived from UN Comtrade, is only available from ITC:

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