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Internet Facility Requirements

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Q: Can you let us know which (if any) viewers are needed for this product? I.e. Acrobat, Flash, Shockwave, and the version numbers please?
A: No additional components are needed to view and download data. UN Comtrade database is designed to work for IE version 6.0 and above. To view graph, java virtual machine must be installed ( To view map, Adobe flash player is needed.

Q: Does this product automatically restrict access to the number of licensed users? How many? How is the restriction managed?
A: No restriction for both Individual and Site License users. Individual users must share the same username/password in order to have concurrent access, but not for Site License Users (recognized by IP Address)
Q: Does this product require any cookies, passwords or IP recognition to function?
A: Yes. Cookies are used as part of user authentication. Passwords are used for individual and site license (for master account only). IP recognition is required for Site License.

Q: If there are any additional files that may need to be added to the client machines once the network installation has been completed, can you list them and supply detailed locations where these files need to be? (.ini, .dll, .ocx etc)
A: No.

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