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Differences between Imports and Exports, Reporters and Partners

Differences between Imports and Exports, Reporters and Partners

What are the differences between Imports and Exports, Reporters and Partners?

A: "Reporter" is the country (or area) which reports the trade data to us.

A "Partner" is the country or area from/to which the commodity was imported or exported, as declared by the reporting country.

There are many valid reasons why the reported exports of USA may not coincide with the reported imports of Mexico. The main reason in this case is probably the different valuation of imports and exports.

Valuation. Imports is generally reported on the basis of Cost, Insurance and Freight, (CIF) while exports is reported on a Free on Board (FOB) basis. For this reason, import values tend to be higher than export values.

Looking at the reported data of Durum Wheat over the last 4 or 5 years, it seems that the correspondence between USA exports and Mexico imports is in fact very good. The CIF/FOB factor explains why import values are higher and other small differences may just be due to differences in time of recording.

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