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Change in Statistical Territory of Italy

Change in Statistical Territory of Italy

As of April 2008, Statistical Territory of Italy in UN Comtrade included Holy See (Vatican City State) and San Marino, however, definition of the Statistical Territory of Italy, as confirmed by ISTAT in April 2008, is:

"Statistics of foreign trade are compiled with regard to the customs territory, which differs from the territory of the Italian Republic on account of the exclusion of the municipalities of Campione d'Italia and Livigno. However, for statistical purposes, the Livigno free zone is included in trade calculations. Both the Republic of San Marino and Vatican City are third countries, however trade between Italy and the Republic of San Marino is not considered because of the absence of customs barriers between the two countries. Free points and warehouses are additionally excluded from the customs territory."

Therefore, data from year 2000 will be re-processed to exclude Vatican and San Marino from Italian statistical territory.

The following countries are added into the country list:
- Holy See (Vatican City State), code 336
- San Marino, code 674

Updated in May 2008

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