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Tariff line product code description

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Description of Tariff Line By Country

World Bank have done some work to identify the Tariff line product code description using a combination of WTO IDB, UNCTAD TRAINS and HS 6 digit level product description for the UN COMTRADE tariff line data.

The file can be downloaded from (137 MB)


The first match is attempted with with WTO IDB, followed by then UNCTAD TRAINS and finally the HS 6 digit description of UN Comtrade. The match is further flagged whether it is an exact or proximity match.

Contain of files

The zip file (above) has individual excel sheet per country with the suggested description and also the other available descriptions.

For example, if the suggested description may be from WTO IDB but we also provide the description in UNCTAD TRAINS if available and the HS 6 description. The readme.txt in the zip file has the details of the methodology.

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