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UN ServiceTrade Metadata:

Responsible agency: Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia

Methodological framework:  The definition is in line with the BPM5.

Data sources: The data sources for transportation services are the quarterly survey on transportation and intermediary services and the statistics on nonbanks’ external payments (from the ITRS). Foreign trade statistics are also used to obtain, in accordance with the calculation methodology described in Sub-section 4.6, the difference between c.i.f. and f.o.b. values of imported goods. The share of transportation services carried out by non-residents is set apart from the obtained figure and included under transportation in the b.o.p. Data on travel are derived from the CSB aggregated data on persons entering and leaving the country. Travellers are polled at border control points four times a year to obtain information about non-residents’ spending in Latvia and residents’ spending abroad. The average spending of a traveller is calculated using mathematical methods and, thereafter, total spending of travellers is obtained. The number of travellers is available from the State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia, which registers persons entering and leaving the country. Data on other services are derived from the quarterly survey on services and statistics on non-banks’ external payments (ITRS). In addition, a number of other sources are used: MFIs’ statistics; Latvijas Banka’s profit and loss statement; aggregated data on the revenue and expenditure of the Republic of Latvia’s embassies, representative offices and consulates, submitted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; foreign trade statistics submitted by the CSB; data on reinsurance premiums and claims paid, submitted by the Financial and Capital Market Commission and data on payments to the EU budget submitted by the Ministry of Finance. Data on expenditure by foreign embassies, LATVIA representative offices and consulates in Latvia are derived from the State Revenue Service’s information on the value added tax repaid to foreign embassies, representative office and consulates.

UN ServiceTrade Metadata:

National Statistical database: Bank of Latvia

National metadata: N/A


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§         Tourism statistics:

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