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Obtaining data for commodities by 6-digit code

Obtaining data for commodities by 6-digit code

I am looking for the amount of spandex (or elastane) imports in Russia as well as PEt filament yarn imports in Russia and I don't find this information. Maybe it is done under another HS number? Anyway for any information, aid or advice you could give me, I thank you very much.

A: UN Comtrade contains data up to 6 digits only. The international standard for detailed HS is at the 6 digit levels which does not cover your specific commodity. Therefore, you may wish to contact the countries themselves for data they posses beyond 6 digits. EUROSTAT database contains 8 digit data for the European countries.

You can use the link below to locate the 6-digit code, after which you can query the UN Comtrade database for available data.

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